Key Features & Benefits

SpencerMetrics Features

  • Touch-screen data capture at each press
  • Real-time access anytime, anywhere
  • Cloud-based implementation, with freedom from IT cost and setup
  • Intuitive graphical presentation of analyses
  • Password-protected custom portal
  • Unlimited data storage and database management included for each press

SpencerMetrics Benefits

Obtain a true, real-time picture of how long each activity takes on the shop floor. Improve resource allocation and optimize workflow; save cost.

Discover time-consuming press system activities and workflow bottlenecks. Recapture lost potential print time and associated financial return.

Optimize investments with better-informed hardware and software acquisitions. Get higher Return-on-Investment; Increase Revenue & Profit.

Identify Opportunities

Press support takes time, but do any of those activities take longer than they should? Identify wasted time, bottle­necks and obstacles.

Improve Job Estimating

Compare actual production cost with job cots estimates – increase accuracy, improve bottom line

Unlock Opportunity

Gain insight and unlock key areas of opportunity. Utilize knowledge only your operators can provide through efficient shop floor data collection.

Dashboard Analytics with OEE

The dashboard graphics bring Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to life. Track OEE in real time with individual press analysis.

Calculate Your Savings!

Each 1% improvement in Productivity can provide additional annual Revenue of $60,000

– For two 8-hour shifts @100ppm, 250 days a year, at 25¢ per print